Dressing the Victorian Woman

victorian woman

An illustrated talk by Jan Michna and Sue Trewhitt, who are both costume volunteers at Preston Park Museum. Jan and Sue’s humorous presentation looks at middle-class fashion in the Victorian period; touching on the rise of the sewing machine, the influence of formal mourning and many other aspects.

They will be fully dressed in period clothes and have lots of interesting things to show us, including knitwear made from original patterns.

Feel free to come dressed up if you like.  Prizes will be given!

Rounding off the event we’ll have  a quiz – just to see if you’ve paid attention…

Tickets: Pay What You Decide – we are not attaching a fixed price to the event and would like you to pay what you think it’s worth! Obviously we hope you will think it very worthy but the ball is entirely in your court!

We look forward to seeing you there. If you would like to reserve a ticket in advance, please email: billinghamplayers1@gmail.com