Open auditions: Lord Arthur Saville’s Crimes

We are holding open auditions for our December production of Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime on Tuesday 25th June at 7.30pm.

Please note that if you emailed us with your expression of interest from our previous post we have replied to your email with the date and time info.

The play is based on a short story by Oscar Wilde, Lord Arthur Saville is engaged to the lovely Sybil. A palm reading predicts that he will commit a murder which he decides to get over and done with before settling down into happily married bliss…

Cast details: 5 women, 5 men. Any role that has a specific age attached to it is included – any roles that do not have an age could potentially be flexible.

* Baines, Lord Arthur’s faithful butler, male
* Lord Arthur Savile, male, 30
* Sybil, Lord Arthur’s fiancee, female, 20-30
* Lady Windermere, Lord Arthur’s Aunt, female, 40s
* Lady Clementina, Lord Arthur’s Great Aunt, female, 60s
* The Dean of Paddington, Lord Arthur’s uncle, male, 60s
* Lady Julia Merton, Sybil’s mother, female, 40s/50s
* Mr Podgers, the cheiromantist (palm reader), male
* Nellie, the maid, female
* Herr Winkelkopf, an anarchist, male, 40s

Please note that you do not need to prepare anything beforehand and scripts will be available on the night.

We look forward to meeting you!