A comedy by Brian Stewart

Granary Theatre is a purpose built amateur theatre that produces a staple diet of popular fare: Cooney, Coward and Ackybourn.

Like a lot of amateur theatres most of its audience already have their reservations at the local undertakers and their audience numbers are declining.The committee realise that they have to reverse the trend and so pin their hopes on a new, enthusiastic almost evangelical member called Steve who seems to know a lot about theatre – well, more than a lot of the members of the committee – which isn’t very much.

Steve feels that in order to attract new audiences, the theatre needs to less conservative and more progressive in its choice of plays. Steve is keen to push Pinter and Brecht but meets opposition from the long-standing chairman, Dennis, who thinks these authors will mean box-office death.

In order to oust Dennis, Steve needs to win the support of other committee members and he does this in a simple way; he realises two members of the committee, Paul and Lindsay, are having an affair and uses Pinter’s ‘Betrayal’ as a means to win their support.

He casts Paul as Jerry, Lindsay as Emma and Lindsay’s real husband, John as the
cuckolded husband, Robert