The first production for our 2017/18 season is Top Girls by Caryl Churchill, directed by Denise Phillips – from 9 – 14 October

Further auditions will be held on Wednesday 2 August at 7.00p.m. at the Theatre Upstairs

Brief synopsis:

Marlene has been promoted to managing director of a London employment agency and is celebrating.  The symbolic luncheon is attended by women in legend or history who offer perspectives on maternity and ambition. In a time warp, these ladies are also her co-workers, clients, and relatives.  Marlene, like her famous guests, has had to pay a price to ascend from proletarian roots to the executive suite: she has become, figuratively speaking, a male oppressor, and even coaches female clients on adopting odious male traits. Marlene has also abandoned her illegitimate and dull-witted daughter. Her emotional and sexual life has become as barren as Lady Macbeth’s.

Cast – 7 females who play all the characters therefore doubling (trebling if necessary)

A full description of the play and details of all the characters can be found by following the link:  and typing Top Girls into the menu search.

If you wish to know more details about the play or have any queries please contact:


FRIDAY 17 MARCH  at 7.30p.m.  –  POETRY and a PINT NIGHT

Join us for a social evening with a difference.  Bring along a favourite poem (or more than one) that you’d like to share – if you’re too shy to read it yourself there will be others who will read it out for you!

The bar will be open, the atmosphere friendly and relaxed!  Entry £5


An informal evening where the audience is able to work in teams if they wish to solve the murder.

Tickets £5


An evening of song and other entertainment compiled and performed  by Sue Brackenbury and Steve McNichol and friends.

Tickets £5

Tickets for all the above events will be available at the door or can be ordered in advance by telephone:  01642 586180 or 01642 533400

or email:



We apologise that some of the content of the site is not up to date however, a new site is currently under construction and will be live as soon as possible.  In the meantime if you have any queries please contact us via the email address above.


HEROES – 12 – 17 June 2017

A Comedy by Gerald Sibleyras,  Translatede by Tom Stoppard          Directed by Norman Austick

Set in August 1959 in a home somewhere in France for retired military men. The play takes place outside on a terrace in the garden of a convent hospital where Philippe and Henri are hatching a plan to escape.


THE DEADLY GAME – 13 – 18 February 2017

A thriller by James Yaffe              Directed by Andrew Stockdale

Three retired men of law on a remote mountain in Switzerland amuse themselves by going through the legal ceremony of prosecuting strangers who drop in. An American travelling salesman is their guest on a snowy evening. Although their ‘deadly game’ seems foolish to him, he agrees to it to humour his hosts. Since he has never been guilty of a crime in his life, he is unable to propose anything they can try him for. However, after a little amiable social conversation, the retired prosecutor discovers a plausible case. He accuses the travelling salesman of having murdered his boss. At first, this appears to be a wild improvisation but gradually, by ingenious questioning, he proves his case out of the witness’ own mouth.


DAD’S ARMY – 5 – 10 December 2016

Written by  David Croft & Jimmy Perry               Directed by Mike Boyle

The classic BBC TV comedy series of the Home Guard of Walmington-on-Sea who battle daily against the Germans and local ARP Warden, Hodges, needs no introduction and comes complete with all the well-loved characters


Written  by  Dennis Potter   –  directed by Denise Phillips

This deceptively simple tale relates the activities of seven English children played by adults on a summer afternoon during World War II. In a woods, a field and a barn, they play, fight, fantasize and swagger. Their aggressions, fears, hostilities and rivalries are a microcosm of adult interaction. Easy going Willie tags along as burly Peter bullies Raymond and is challenged by fair minded Paul. Plain Audrey is overshadowed by Angela’s prettiness and wreaks her anger on the boys. All of them gang up on the terrified “Donald Duck” who, abused by his mother and ridiculed by his peers, plays a dangerous game of pyromania with tragic results.

TWO – 27 June – 2 July 2016

Written by Jim Cartwright               Directed by Mike Boyle

Two  is a play set in a northern pub during the 1980’s.  Comic and emotional in parts, it introduces a collection of characters you might well see in your average local pub – their hopes, their dreams and some of their failures!

Please note that as this is not a full-length play we will commence the performance at 8.00p.m. although the doors will still open at 7.00p.m. as usual, allowing additional social/drinking time.  We are also reflecting the shorter performance in the ticket price which on this occasion will be £5 for all tickets at all performances.

SLEEP NO MORE – 11 – 16 April 2016

Set in a theatre that has been closed for sixty years following the accidental death of a child during rehearsals for Murder by Poison, a Victorian thriller. Now Mickey, the great-grandson of the theatre’s original owner, has set about restoring the theatre to the glory of its former heyday, and to cap his plans he’s intent on reviving the very same play to re-open the renovated theatre. Only Mickey’s elderly and eccentric father, William, knows the truth of what happened all those years ago. He tries to warn Mickey that the play is doomed and urges him to abandon his plans, but Mickey ignores the warning – and as rehearsals progress, unusual and mysterious occurrences begin to mount with deadly and terrifying consequences.