Love steams in for The Railway Children

We’ve been completely overwhelmed at all of the love pouring in for The Railway Children! We are absolutely delighted that you’re loving it so much. In case you’ve not seen any of the wonderful reviews we’ve been getting to our Facebook page, here are a few snippets for you to enjoy.

…I saw it last night. It was fantastic from start to finish. Masterfully directed with clever and imaginative staging. Hats off to all the wonderful cast, but especially to the three leads and the amount of dialogue they delivered throughout. Their energy was excellent in portraying the three young children. Thank you to all the staff at the the theatre who gave us a warm welcome. It was a wonderful evening ❤️🎭

…This play is superb, brilliantly directed and acted … worthy of the professional stage … highly recommend 👏👏

…Loved it, loved it, loved it💕

…I saw it with my Mum on Monday and it really was fabulous! The young performers were a testament to the talent in this area and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of my favourite Billingham Players on stage! Congratulations to Denise on a truly wonderful job well done! xx

…I went on Monday thought it was amazing such young talent … And was my grandsons (Owen Langsley) first ever time on stage as one of the children … So proud of him x

And if you’ll indulge us, here are a couple of longer reviews:

Alex Hall from BBC Tees

Congratulations to all involved with Billingham Players delightful production of The Railway Children. Denise Phillips’ fine direction of Mike Kenny’s adaptation of this much loved story brought out all the pathos and humour that we all fell in love with in the film.

The simple set (designed by Norman Austick) dominated by a railway bridge was the perfect background for the three children played with confidence and energy by Olivia Walker, Owen Smith and Megan Hanrahan (who had most of the funny lines and delivered them with perfect timing). Scott Ayling was the most gentle and winning Perks. And, of course, ‘That Moment’ didn’t disappoint.

If you loved the film or the book you should go and see how well the stage adaptation works. And if you never saw the film (there are those apparently) then you’re in for a treat.

And another…

Congratulations to Denise Phillips and the Billingham Players on a magical performance of The Railway Children. A wonderful ensemble production, blending experience and youth with some exceptional performances from the young actors. Their delivery and timing were impeccable and their poise and confidence were remarkable.

As usual the set created by Norman Austick added so much to the atmosphere, as did the choice of music.

Lovely to see Scott Ayling on stage again after his year’s break and giving such a warm and sensitive portrayal of Perks – so essential to the story.

We are two of the few people who have never seen the film, which made the evening even more enjoyable…….

And finally…

Many congratulations on a beautifully judged performance. It would be so easy to go over the top but you never did. We really enjoyed the evening and so many actors (you, the two girls and David in particular). Thought – Fate and directors seem to keep pairing you with Sara plus herds of kids ! It works too. Thank you for a wonderful evening and a real feel-good start to Christmas X

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s still Friday and Saturday to go – come and join us – you won’t regret it! Choo-Choo!