Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats

You might not know this, but we have the BEST supporters. Truly we do, and the last year has really highlighted this for us more than ever before. Whether you’re a member, a patron, a friend, a regular audience member, someone who pops in whenever you’re in the area or you follow us on our socials because you like our content, you’re all brilliant!

As we continually plan in the background and get things ready for when we can eventually re-open, some things have obviously had to change and this meant removing our previous seat badges and replacing them with seat numbers. We couldn’t bear to throw the old badges away and we also wanted to make sure that we honoured them somehow – people had taken the time to buy the gift of a seat, quite often in the memory of a loved one, and so to discard them would have been just wrong.

We’re still working out the finer details, but in the meantime, and to say a huge thank you, here’s a list of all the people who had their very own seat with the Players:

Anne Vernalls (in memory of)

Aunty Woody

Babs Phillips (in memory of)

Baines, Goldston & Jackson

Barry & Maureen Keane

Beryl Shute

Bill Chambers

Black Horse Agencies

Bob & Lillian Weir

Bruce & Carol Collins

Cliffe Theatre Eaglescliffe

Cornforth Control Engineering Ltd

Darchem Site Services

Dorothy Russell

Geoff Dalton

George Fordy & Son Ltd

Ian & Ginny Jarry

Jack Keane (in memory of)

Jack & Nancy Keane

Jean & Brimer Dale

John Robinson

John Thomson (in memory of)

Jonathan Renshaw (in memory of)

Ken & Noreen Bates

Malcolm & Barbara Sowerby

Margaret Woodhouse (in memory of)

Mary & Ron Cleasby

Matthew & Rebecca Dale

Mike Hannard

Mr & Mrs AE & D Underwood

Muriel Wood

Nola Dutton

Pat & Richard Hanage

Pickerings Lifts

Pip Ltd Wilton

Renee Pawelczyk

Ron & Mary Cleasby

Ron & Nell Freeman

Ron & Peggy Pearson

Simon & Alison Dale

Tees & Hartlepool Port Authority

If you’ve got any great suggestions of how we could turn the seat badges into a work of art that we can put up somewhere in the theatre, we’re all ears! Drop us an email with your ideas to > or get in touch with us via our inbox on Facebook.

As soon as we have any news about opening we will be shouting it from the rooftops. And once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sticking around. We cannot wait to see all your lovely faces coming up our stairs again!