Equally Divided: opening tonight!

We are delighted to present Equally Divided opening tonight!

Directed by Julia Armstrong, this astute, intelligent play by one of our most popular playwrights charts the childhood rivalries that recur between sisters Edith and Renata after the death of their mother. Edith has sacrificed her life to nurse the old woman, while frequently married Renata has lived a selfish, indulgent existence. When it comes to the will, the family solicitor and a local antique dealer both get involved in deep waters. The cast comprises Maggie Jackson, Ivan Limon, Peter Gardiner and Liz Betts.

The play is set in a railway carriage, which has been built and decorated by the brilliant students of The Northern School of Arts in Hartlepool. As a sustainable project, it was made chiefly from recycled wood without the use of glue, and was coloured with coffee, rusty steel wool, various types of vinegar and assorted water-based inks.  It  arrived as a giant flatpack which the students put together in a few hours – worth the ticket price all by itself! 

Monday 29 April – Saturday 4 May, we look forward to seeing you there!