Did you know…

  • … Deathtrap ran on Broadway for 1793 performances
  • … According to the book, ‘It’s a Hit!’ the central character of Sidney Bruhl was loosely based on Levin himself. Levin, like Sidney Bruhl, only ever had one hit Broadway play and Deathtrap was it
  • … To celebrate the 1000th performance of the play on the New York stage, writer Ira Levin bought himself a blue Mercedes Benz like the one his protagonist Sidney Bruhl has in Deathtrap
  • … The real stage-play scenes in the film version used the original Broadway set of Deathtrap. The film’s director, Sidney Lumet, commented: The opening scene is a movie of a play-within-a-play which takes place within the play on which the movie is based. If that’s not completely clear, it’s at least a ‘first’!
  • … The Guardian newspaper in their ‘What to say about…’ series described the 2010 stage version as follows: “It’s perfectly simple. It’s just a play about a play about a play about a play about a play about a play”!