About us

Billingham Players is a Registered Charity, No. 515721

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Billingham Players
‘Billingham Players’ was formed in 1974, prior to that it was known as ‘The Synthonia Players’ as it was associated with ICI and performed at the Synthonia Club on Belasis Avenue.  Our members are from all walks of life and range in age from late teens to late-in-life.  Not everyone is a performer, thankfully we have a number of people who prefer to remain behind the scenes doing the many practical things required such as designing, building, lighting sets, making costumes and all the other jobs that create the theatre magic!

The Theatre Upstairs
Formerly a dance hall above the Co-op stores, The Theatre Upstairs was born when the Synthonia Players took the decision to run their own theatre and became the Billingham Players.  The first production, in January 1975 of Ali Baba is still recalled by members who were there at the time as being remarkable for having a live snake in the cast!  Since that time we’ve had a number of other “animals” such as Bumble Bee, Spider, Maggot, Toad, Rabbit, Rat, Mole, Goose – all of them talking and some singing and/or dancing!

The theatre can seat a maximum of 120. Our seating units are now fixed but what you see on stage is always different. This presents challenges to our set designers and set builders but always provides intrigue to our audiences.